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Domestic Feature Film

Domestic Feature Film

Product description:    

Silicon wafer - domestic positive film    

1. Doping type: N, P    

2. Crystal orientation: <100>, <110>, <111>    

3. Diameter: 2~8 inches    

4. Resistivity: Available in various ranges commonly used, 0.001~2000 ohm.cm    

5. Parameters such as TTV, flatness, curvature, warpage, diameter tolerance, thickness tolerance, and crystal orientation deviation are strictly implemented in accordance with Semi standards. If you have special requirements, please contact us for consultation.    

6. Packaging: The specifications and quality of this product are strictly implemented in accordance with the semi standard. They are all provided by world-renowned silicon wafer manufacturers. They are vacuum-sealed and packaged according to the semi standard (25 pieces/box).    





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