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Quartz Sheet

Quartz Sheet

Substrate - quartz plate    

1. Quartz slices are divided into fused silica glass slices and single crystal quartz slices.    

2. Fused silica sheet is usually cut and ground from quartz glass, and its silica content can reach more than 99.99%. The hardness is Mohs seven, and it has the characteristics of high temperature resistance, low thermal expansion coefficient, thermal shock resistance and good electrical insulation performance.    

3. The composition of quartz single crystal is SiO2. At different temperatures under normal pressure, the structure of quartz crystal is different. When the temperature T<573 ° C, it is α quartz crystal, and when 573 ° C < T < 870 ° C, it is β quartz crystal. The melting point is 1750°C, what we usually call piezoelectric quartz crystal refers to α-quartz crystal.    





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