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BF33 Glass Sheet (Germany Schott)

BF33 Glass Sheet (Germany Schott)

Substrate - BF33 glass sheet (Schott, Germany)    

1. Diameter: 4~8 inches    

2. Thickness: 200~500um    

3. Surface finish: <0.5nm (optical grinding on both sides)    

4. Customizable positioning edge: 32.5±2mm (4 inches)    

5. Lead angle: 0.05~0.2mm    

6. Packing: Vacuum packing box, 25 pieces/box    

7. BF33 glass has good chemical corrosion resistance and can withstand a certain degree of acid and alkali erosion. It is suitable for the manufacture of acid-base sensors and chemical reactors, etc.  

8. BF33 glass has excellent anti-ultraviolet radiation, so that it can withstand strong light without fading. Various grades of glass sheets are available    

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