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SEM(Scanning Electron Microscope)

  • GeminiSEM300

Scanning electron microscope

Type: GeminiSEM300

Manufacturer: Carl Zeiss (England)

Maximum field of view: 50 mm 

Maximum sample size: 250 mm in diameter, 50 mm in height 

Accelerating voltage: 0.02 kV-30 kV 

Magnification: 12 times-2 million times 

Secondary electron resolution: ≤0.7 nm@15 kV, ≤ 1.2 nm@30 kV 

Sample movement range: X axis: 130 mm; Y axis: 130 mm; Z axis: 50 mm 

Maximum sample tilt angle: 70° Maximum electron beam displacement: 200 μm

InLense SE: High-resolution secondary electron detector, which can be used for high-resolution morphology observation; 

ET-SE: Secondary electron detector in the sample chamber, which can be used to observe the structure of the microscopic area of the sample surface; 

aBSD: The drawable six in the sample chamber Segmented backscattered electron detector, which can be used for sample composition contrast observation; 

Oxford Energy Spectrometer System (EDX): can analyze the energy spectrum to obtain the element composition and content of the sample;

 Cathodoluminescence spectrometer (CL): excitation wavelength is 270-900 nm, carry out qualitative and quantitative research on the luminescence properties of materials

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