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FIB(Focused Ion Beam)

  • Thermo Scientific Helios 5 Plasma FIB DualBeam
Thermo Scientific Helios 5 Plasma FIB DualBeam


Type:Thermo Scientific Helios 5 Plasma FIB DualBeam

Manufacturer: Thermo Fisher (China)

Helios 5 PFIB CXe DualBeam

Helios 5 PFIB UXe DualBeam

Electro-optical system

Immersion type magnetic objective lens

Schottky field firing gun for   high-resolution current analysis

UC+ Monochromator Technology

Electron beam resolution

WD: 1 kV  – 0.7 nm    500 V (ICD) –   1.0 nm 

At coincidence point: 15 kV – 0.6 nm    1 kV  – 1.2 nm

Electron beam parameter space

Electron beam current range: 0.8 pA ~100 nA

Accelerating voltage range: 200 V   – 30 kV

Landing energy range: 20* eV   –  30 keV

Maximum horizontal field width: 4   mm WD 2.3 mm

Ion optics

 PFIB column , Xe+ plasma (ICP) with   inductive coupling

Ion beam current range: 1.5 pA    – 2.5 µA

Accelerating voltage range: 500 V   - 30 kV

Maximum horizontal field width:   0.9 mm at the coincidence point of the plasma beam

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