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AR Waveguide grating

Optical waveguide: the core display technology of mainstream AR glasses

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Optical waveguides are considered to be the necessary optical solutions for consumer AR glasses due to their thinness and high penetration characteristics of external light, but they are also prohibitive due to their high price and high technical barriers.

With the adoption and mass production of optical waveguide technology by mainstream AR devices such as Microsoft HoloLens2 and Magic Leap One, as well as the frequent disclosure of recent financing news from AR optical module manufacturers such as DigiLens, Nederka, and Lingxi Low Light The discussion has also continued to increase a lot.

So, what is the working principle of the optical waveguide?

What is the difference between the array of optical waveguides, geometric optical waveguides, diffractive optical waveguides, holographic optical waveguides, and multilayer optical waveguides on the market?

How does it change the pattern of the AR glasses market step by step?

Which optical waveguide technology do we prefer, and why?

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